John and Sheila with VivianaJohn and Sheila Flores first spotted each other in the halls of Canyon High School in the Hill Country town of New Braunfels. It was love at first sight. The year was 1995 and the duo has been inseparable since then. They got married after college and began dreaming of starting a family and owning their own business. What they didn’t know is how fate would take them there.

In 2005 John was looking for work and came across an opportunity to be a helper for a moving company. Having played football in high school and college, he enjoyed the physicality of the job and was immediately hooked.


Our HomeHis honesty coupled with his work ethic and attention to detail, got him noticed and he quickly moved up the ranks. Soon he became the go-to guy for the most demanding clients and challenging moves. John found his calling.

Working and living in Austin, Texas will change a person. It’s a city that celebrates innovation and loves to challenge convention. Inspired by their community, John and Sheila began to learn of the personal and environmental benefits of adopting a green, eco-friendly lifestyle. After much research and thought, they committed whole-heartedly and made the change, still they felt there was more to do.

The moving industry is notorious for being unfriendly, not only to people but also to the environment. Old, inefficient trucks pollute the air and water while packing materials end up in landfills. John did not want to be part of the problem and decided to do something about it.

The first thing he did to reduce his carbon footprint was to purchase a truck that could run on biodiesel, which he then modified to be even more efficient. Customers appreciated the extra effort and he took note. He knew he was on to something. The time was right to form a new kind of moving company, one that cares about everything.

John and Sheila Flores are proud to finally introduce eco-friendly Green Gorilla Movers to the beautiful City of Austin, Texas.