Why move with us

We would like to think it’s our furry good looks, but it’s our service that makes us special.

NO HIDDEN FEES – Nobody likes surprises on moving day, so before we get started we’ll quote you a final price. That price will not magically change during the duration of the move and will remain intact, just like your valuables.



ENVIRONMENTALLY MINDED – Fueled by biodiesel. Wrapped in eco-friendly packaging. Delivered in zero-waste bins. The best moves are the ones that take care of everything from your valuables to the environment.

Less Waste More HustleGREEN GLOVE SERVICE – There’s more to a move than just transporting your belongings. Leave it up to us and our trusted vendors to clean, paint, landscape, install your home theater system, and even furnish your home.

LICENSED, INSURED, AND BONDED – Basic Liability covers every Green Gorilla move for minor damages or scratches. If you have any concerns or would like additional information, we would be happy to speak to you. You can also email us at info@greengorillamovers.com



We Love Little Green GorillasKID FRIENDLY – You already know we take your move seriously, but when it comes to the most important ones in your life, we don’t monkey around. Knowing first hand how stressful and hard moves can be for children, we want to help make the transition smoother. That’s why each child will be able to pack their very own MonkeyPack (zero-waste bin) to keep their most precious belongings safe during the move. And because the MonkeyPack comes in a different color than our regular bins you and your kiddo will be able to spot it easily and know it’s in good hands at all times.

GORILLA ACADEMY – Only the most dedicated movers can call themselves Green Gorilla’s. Our moving professionals go through an extensive two month training program called ‘The Gorilla Academy’. They learn first hand proper moving techniques, how to pad and shrink wrap valuables, the key to protecting the customer’s home from any damages, meticulous packing, physical conditioning, driving skills, customer service the Green Gorilla way, and much more.

If you are interested in career opportunities with Green Gorilla Movers, email us at info@greengorillamovers.com with the subject line “(Insert Your Name) Wants to be a Green Gorilla.”

GREEN AMIGOS – Locally and Nationally we support:

Green Business Leaders Austin  Keep Austin Beautiful  Texas Campaign for the Environment  Diesel Green Fuels  The Nature Conservancy  Forest Stewardship Council  Native Energy