Moving with Reusable Bins: It’s about more than being green!

Why do we recommend reusable bins instead of cardboard boxes?

Here are our top 10 reasons why moving with reusable bins is better than moving with cardboard boxes:

1. Better for the environment.  41% of waste in landfills comes from cardboard boxes. You can do your part to help change that.

2. They last longer.  Reusable bins can be used more than 50 times before they need to be replaced.  Compare this to the 5-6 times you can get away with reusing cardboard and it’s a no brainer.

3. Better protection.  You don’t have to worry about the box caving in and crushing Aunt Nelda’s ceramic tea set.

4. They are cheaper.  You will spend almost half the price on bin rental that you would on cardboard boxes, packing paper, and tape.

5. No packing tape needed.  You won’t have to deal with assembling and disassembling cardboard boxes, bracing them between your knees, and the tape getting stuck together while you are trying to assemble the box.

6. They weather the elements.  Worried about rain on moving day?  No problem.  Bins will keep your belongings from getting wet.

7. They are made from recycled plastic.  Cardboard boxes are made from 100% recycled paper?  Reusable bins are made from 100% recycled plastic.  In fact, the ones we use are made from old computers and monitors.  How cool is that?

8. Easier to carry and stack.  Whether you are packing or unpacking, at one point in the process you are going to be moving bins or boxes around.  Wouldn’t you rather have something with handles and is a convenient size to carry?  Better yet, you will have a specialized dolly that allows you to securely stack several bins on top of each other and be able to roll them around from room to room.

9. We drop them off and pick them up.  You don’t have to borrow your neighbor’s truck, scrounge around dumpsters for boxes, or not be able to see out of your rear view mirror because your car is filled up with them.  If you use reusable bins, we deliver them to you and pick them up when you are finished!

10. Cleaner.  Reusable bins are sanitized and wiped down after every move.  That’s right.  How’s that for peace of mind?

If you are interested in using reusable bins on your move, let us know! We welcome any questions you may have.

Still want to go with cardboard? No problem. Green Gorilla Movers is happy to move your cardboard boxes for you. Our specialty is moving after all!