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Green Gorilla Movers is proud to announce it’s Business Membership with Keep Austin Beautiful!

Anyone who calls Austin home or ever has or even those that visit know it’s a beautiful place.  The amazing trees that cover our city and the sparkling bodies of water are a huge part of what makes Austin special.  The community itself is just a great place to belong to.  There is access to fresh farms throughout and around the city and backyard gardens are popping up everywhere.  We can’t count how many times we have had visitors in town marveling at how clean and serene our city is.

Austin doesn’t just upkeep itself.  It is because of organizations like Keep Austin Beautiful, that Austin is so clean and well taken care of.  Keep Austin Beautiful is a non-profit organization that was established by the Greater Austin Chamber of Commerce in 1985 to preserve the beauty of our city and to educate and encourage our residents to take part in clean-ups, restoration, preservation, recycling, and much more.

KAB just finished a huge, annual city-wide clean up on April 13 called Clean Sweep.  It brought together over 4,000 volunteers who removed over 20 TONS of trash around Austin.  KAB is also currently accepting applications for Neighborhood Beautification Grants!  That’s right!  Apply and have the opportunity to receive a grant to set up some beautiful landscaping in your neighborhood or plant that row of trees you have always thought would be amazing!  These are some of the many year round events and opportunities that KAB brings to Austin.

To learn more about their organization, visit their website at  There are endless opportunities to volunteer your time to help preserve the natural beauty of this amazing city we call home!

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