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Keep Austin Beautiful

  Green Gorilla Movers is proud to announce it’s Business Membership with Keep Austin Beautiful! Anyone who calls Austin home or ever has or even those that visit know it’s a beautiful place.  The amazing trees that cover our city and the sparkling bodies of water are a huge part of what makes Austin special.  The community itself is… Read more »

Endangered Species Day

Today is Endangered Species Day in the U.S.  It also marks the 40th Anniversary of the Endangered Species Act, which has done a huge part in protecting our nation’s wildlife, fish, and plants. What leads a species to become endangered or extinct? For the most part, humans.  We are cutting into their territories and leaving them homeless to build… Read more »

What does ‘green’ mean?

  It’s our first post for our blog and we knew the first thing that we wanted to talk about was being ‘green’.  People hear about a ‘green’ moving company and they get curious!  They want to know what that means, what we do.  So let’s jump right in with some questions that we often… Read more »