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Feeling Salty?

Himalayan Salt Lamps. Not only are they beautiful and in style, but they are actually beneficial to your health! Let me explain how this new favorite home decor works. Journey back to your school days…remember anything about positive and negative ions? No? Neither did I. So, surprise surprise, I ‘googled’ it. Ions are atoms or… Read more »

Water Conservation Made Simple!

We all know that the Austin area is experiencing an extreme drought, which began all the way back in 2008. You’ve probably heard that the city is currently enforcing Stage 2 Water Restrictions…but what does that really mean? Stage 2 means that our lakes are less than 45% (or 900,000 acre-feet) full. We can only… Read more »

Composting 101: What is composting all about?

The City Council, in another effort to make the city of Austin even greener, recently announced that all fast food spots, chain restaurants, and large food establishments in Austin must start composting their food scraps and other compostable materials by 2016.  Restaurants that are considered small businesses will be required to begin composting by 2017. According to an article in the Austin-American Statesman,… Read more »