Endangered Species Day

Today is Endangered Species Day in the U.S.  It also marks the 40th Anniversary of the Endangered Species Act, which has done a huge part in protecting our nation’s wildlife, fish, and plants.

What leads a species to become endangered or extinct?

For the most part, humans.  We are cutting into their territories and leaving them homeless to build roads, buildings, etc. without any thought as to co-existing.  Many wildlife, such as elephants, are killed by local farmers to ‘protect their crops’, while others are killed by hunters for their skin or tusks.

Why do we need these plants and animals?

We need these plant and animal species because they are all part of a huge ecosystem that helps keep us alive.  From this ecosystem we receive economical sustainability, the potential for new medicines,  nature’s response to climate control, and so much more.


Three out of the four subspecies of gorillas are on the critically endangered list.  The fourth is endangered.  This is why Green Gorilla Movers donates a portion of our proceeds to The Gorilla Organization to help save their species.  In honor of today, we wanted to highlight some of the other animal and plant species that are endangered around the world, as well as here in Travis County.  Here are a few:

Tigers – Critically Endangered – There are less than 3,200 wild Tigers left in the world.

Bengal Tiger

North Atlantic Right Whale – Critically Endangered – Whales are a very important part of marine life.  7 out of 13 whale species are endangered.

North Atlantic Right Whale

Tiburon Mariposa Lily – Endangered – This beautiful lily is in the California/Nevada region of the U.S. and faces extinction.

Tiburon Mariposa Lily

Barton Springs Salamander – Endangered – This amazing, lungless creature lives only in Austin’s Barton Springs and we are at risk of losing it.

Barton Springs salamander

Red Fox – Critically Endangered – This beautiful animal calls Texas home.

Red Fox


What can you do to help?

Check out organizations like the World Wildlife Fund,  National Wildlife Federation, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, and Texas Parks and Wildlife for more information on what you can do to help.  ‘Like’ their Facebook pages to stay current on what they are doing and educated on the animals that need help.  Together we can make a difference!

Moving Tips in Honor of National Moving Month

May is National Moving Month.  It kicks off the busiest season of the year for moves in America.  There are over 40 million moves made annually in America and over half of those moves take place between the months of May and September. In case you are one of the 20 million Americans planning to move this summer, we wanted to share some tips with you to ensure you have a smooth moving experience, find a mover you can trust, and know your legal rights as a consumer.

First and foremost, let’s talk about legalities.  In the State of Texas, the TXDMV oversees all licensing and regulations for moving companies.  To determine if the moving company you are interested in working with is fully licensed and insured, you can visit the TXDMV licensing portion of their website.  It is very user-friendly.  You can enter their company name, TXDMV number, or locate them by city.  And just because a company has a TXDMV number does not mean that it is active or legit.


Here is a brochure that we send to all of our clients along with their quote.  It is issued by the TXDMV and it is required by all licensed moving companies to provide a copy to the customer on or before moving day.  It has a huge amount of information on how to protect yourself, should anything happen during your move.  It also has a lot of great tips on how to select the right mover for you!


Green Gorilla Movers takes great pride in our credentials.  It is very important to us to run an ethical company.  Unfortunately, so many in our industry do not share the same sentiment.  Please do yourself the favor of checking out the company you are looking at hiring.  Ask questions about their licensing, insurance coverage, how they protect the home you are moving out of and the home you are moving into.  All companies should have a TXDMV number if they are going to be transporting your valuables.  Ask them about their tools and equipment and make sure that they are top of the line so that your valuables are in good hands.  Ask them how their hiring process works and if they have an education program, such as our Gorilla Academy. There were close to 10,000 complaints against moving companies with the BBB last year alone.


Whether you choose Green Gorilla Movers for your move or not, we are always happy to speak with people about how to choose a mover that is right for them and what to ask.   We would  love to answer any questions you might have that could help you have an excellent moving experience.  You can call us at 512-551-9484 or email us at info@greengorillamovers.com.

What does ‘green’ mean?

Hands on a globe


It’s our first post for our blog and we knew the first thing that we wanted to talk about was being ‘green’.  People hear about a ‘green’ moving company and they get curious!  They want to know what that means, what we do.  So let’s jump right in with some questions that we often get asked:

What is being ‘green’ really all about?  To Green Gorilla Movers it means doing everything we can to reduce the negative impact that our company makes on the Earth.  Our industry is notorious for being cruel to the environment.  There are over 40 million moves in the US alone every year.  That is a lot of exhaust, a lot of cardboard, a lot of packing material, a lot of tape and stretch wrap, and a lot of paper [moving contracts are pretty lengthy].  All of which is either hurting the Earth’s air quality, water supply [it takes a ton of water to make this stuff and most factories leak toxic chemicals into nearby water sources while doing so], or land [the majority of materials end up in landfills, not to mention all of the trees that are cut down to create some of it].

Why did you choose to take Green Gorilla Movers in this direction?  Unfortunately it is not a huge trend in our industry.  And with that many moves in the US every year, we feel like it should be.  We really believe that we [as a planet] are not taking care of our Earth.  And we believe that it is already causing problems for us and is only going to get worse if we don’t take action as soon as possible.   Green Gorilla Movers wants to be a part of the solution and we believe we can have a huge impact in that due to the size of our industry and the damage it does.

Does it cost more?  Nope.  In fact, in a lot of aspects costs are the same and in some aspects, we save money.  And this means that Green Gorilla Movers can pass those savings on to you.

We aren’t really ‘green’ people.  Is Green Gorilla still for us?  Definitely!  We pride ourselves in being ‘green’ but we are a moving company first and foremost.  We have a great team of professional, skilled moving specialists that are the best in Austin.  John, our owner, has worked as a moving professional in Austin for nearly a decade.  Our expertise, skill, professionalism, and customer service is what Green Gorilla Movers is all about.  We just have the added benefit of using ‘green’ materials and methods to get the job done.

A lot of companies say they are ‘green’, but…  Right you are.  And that is where Green Gorilla Movers stands apart from most.  This is a philosophy for us, not a fad or a bandwagon to hop on.  Being ‘green’ is kind of popular right now.  And we think that is a great thing.  But you do have to be aware of what someone is offering if choosing a ‘green’ product or company is important to you.  We have done hours upon hours upon hours of research and will continue to do so to stay at the forefront of our industry’s ‘green’ opportunities.  Every possible aspect of Green Gorilla Movers is ‘green’ down to the tape we use.

If you have any questions for us about Green Gorilla Movers or our ‘green’ methods and philosophies, feel free to browse around our website.  If you don’t see your answer there, please give us a call at 512-551-9484 or send us an email at info@greengorillamovers.com.  We would love to chat!