Share the Love!



Valentine’s Day is just a little over a week away. Some of us cannot wait for the day. Others cannot wait for it to be over. However you celebrate, Valentine’s Day does not have to just be about your “one and only”. Show love to your friends, family, and even your community!

There are so many ways to spread the love. One of my most fond Valentine’s memories is of my best friend and I trying to complete as many kind gestures in one day. We completed 7! How many can you accomplish?  Here is a list to get you started:

  1. Plant and dedicate a tree to a loved one
  2. Create a “Pass it on” drive thru line and pay for the car behind yours
  3. Volunteer at your local shelter or food bank
  4. Give an uplifting note to a stranger passing by
  5. Pass out flowers
  6. Bake cookies for someone you love
  7. Make a homemade cards for your neighbors
  8. Clean up around your local park
  9. Adopt a pet
  10. Donate some of the items you no longer need
  11. Send a card or care package to our troops
  12. Help give someone a voice who does not have own of their own:

Need more ideas? Research opportunities in your area at Tell us how you plan to give back!

Feeling Salty?


Himalayan Salt Lamps. Not only are they beautiful and in style, but they are actually beneficial to your health!

Let me explain how this new favorite home decor works.

Journey back to your school days…remember anything about positive and negative ions? No? Neither did I. So, surprise surprise, I ‘googled’ it. Ions are atoms or molecules that have lost or gained an electron which in turn makes them electrically charged. It’s counter-intuitive, but positive ions are harmful to our bodies and our health. These ions are created from a plethora of sources. The most common sources include dust, high winds, pollution, and the ever growing amount of electronics. Yes, you read that correctly, electronics are a large contributor to the creation of positive ions. We know where they come from, but why are they so terrible? Positive ions are believed to be a cause of  fatigue, a lack of energy, tension, anxiety and irritability. They have also been investigated as a contributing factor to asthma and depression.

Enough negativity (or should I say positivity). Let’s talk about how to combat these pesky positive ions. Negative ions most often occur in nature and are created by sunlight, moving water, and lightning storms. With the ever growing amount of positive ions in our atmosphere, we need to generate that many more negative ions. These ions increase the flow of oxygen to the brain which results in a plethora of benefits. A few of these benefits include more energy, less drowsiness, higher alertness, and attention to detail. They can even help boost your immune system.

One simple way to produce negative ions in your environment is by adding a Himalayan Salt Lamp to your home! The salt and heat combo works as a perfect team. Salt is hygroscopic (which means that it naturally draws moisture to it’s surface) and the small amount of heat that is produced from the lamp evaporates the water which caused negative ions to be created.

Ta-Da! Just like that you are making a decision to live a little bit healthier and it is an incredibly beautiful piece to display in your home!

MLK Day – January 18th, 2016

It’s not just a day off from school

Every year Martin Luther King Jr. Day takes place on the third Monday of January. Children are off from school, the Stock Market is closed, and some companies give their employees the day off, but do we really stop and reflect on what this day is all about?

Who is MLK, you ask? Simply put, Martin Luther King Jr. was a vital figure who helped influence and inspire thousands of people across the nation. His speeches, which were first presented over 50 years ago, are still taught in schools and are relevant today. Martin Luther King Jr. was a pivotal role in fighting for civil rights and equality.

In today’s society, social media has created a space where anyone can voice their opinions, but with all of the posts, tweets, and blogs it has become so easy to feel so small. It is easy to catch yourself thinking “What difference can I make? I’m only one person.”

Fear not! Next time you catch yourself with those thoughts remember Martin Luther King Jr. and his contribution to history. He may be a hero, but he was not a human with special powers or extra strength. He was a normal person, just like you and me, but he had a voice and was determined to use that voice for the betterment of our nation.

So this MLK Day, use your voice for good. Take a moment to remember that you are important and powerful and use your talents for others. Volunteer your time or money. Donate food or extra clothing. Or just lend a helping hand. Personally, I plan on donating canned food to the Capital Area Food Bank. It may not seem like much, but one person can change the world. Change begins within each of us.


Interested in getting involved this MLK Day? Check out what’s happening in Austin:

March, Festival, and Food Drive